City Clerk's Office

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Pursuant to Section 54974 of the California Government Code, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a CITIZEN’S OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE has been formed. The duties and qualifications for the position are attached hereto.

Final appointment to the Board shall not be made by the City Council for at least 10 working days after posting of this notice in the office of the City Clerk.


CITIZEN’S OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE. The City Council shall appoint a Citizens Oversight Committee, which shall have five members. The Citizen’s Oversight Committee shall review the audit prepared pursuant to Section 16, and may make such recommendations to the City Council as it deems necessary or useful. The Citizen’s Oversight Committee may, by a majority vote of its membership, choose to publish an annual report, in which event such report, if approved by a majority of the members, shall be published on the City’s internet page. Members of the Citizen’s Oversight Committee shall be appointed to terms of a length set by the City Council, and any member may be removed from the Committee prior to the end of his or her term by a unanimous vote of the Council. In the event the City Council, the Citizen’s Oversight Committee, the City, any employee of the City, or any member of the City Council or the Citizen’s Oversight Committee fails to take an action required by this Section, any court of competent jurisdiction may order that the action be taken. However, such failure to act shall not invalidate the City’s authority to levy any tax or in any way affect the ongoing collection of any tax pursuant to this Ordinance.

Dated: October 5, 2018

City Clerk Staff

  • Monica Dicrisci, Deputy City Clerk

  • Diana Cucalon, Administrative Staff


The City Clerk's Department records, prepares, certifies and maintains the official minutes and agendas of all meetings of the City Council, Community Redevelopment Agency, Parking Authority, Housing Authority, Public Financing Authority and Cable Usage Corporation. The City Clerk publishes and mails legal notice as required by State law and City statures; as custodian of official records, the department is the official depository for City contracts, agreements, claims, deeds and other documents as required. The City Clerk also processes and maintains all City Ordinances and Resolutions and maintains custody of the official City Seal. The City Clerk's Department administers, coordinates and supervises the conduct of all Municipal Elections, receives general initiative, referendum and recall petitions and serves as Deputy Registrar of Voters. The City Clerk is the filing officer for campaign disclosure statements filed by office holders, candidates and political action committees; the department also responds to information requests from City Council, city staff, other agencies, attorneys and the public.

Did You Know?

  • The City Clerk is the oldest profession in public service, dating back to 1272 A.D.

  • The City Clerk is the Elections Official, Legislative Administrator and Records Manager.

Responsibilities of the City Clerk's Office


  • Information about participation in all levels of government and communicating with the City are available at our office. City Council Agenda Packets; Board and Commission Vacancies; City Council Minutes; All Official Documents; Voter Registration.


  • Responsible for the management of all municipal elections; nomination papers, candidate statements, ballot measures, arguments, legal advertising and voter registration.


  • Manages compliance with State Conflict of Interest and Campaign Reporting Laws.


  • Manages the retention and retrieval of all official documents and compliance with the Records Management Program.


  • Provides secretarial and research support to the City Council.


  • Coordinates establishment and administration, appointments of boards and commissions that advise Council on many complex issues.


  • Responsible for all municipal legislative processes. This includes ordinances, resolutions, contracts, agreements and agenda preparation.


  • Display and publish all legal notices and advertisements.


  • Administers oaths, receives and records petitions, claims, lawsuits and official notices.