In order to reduce the number of false alarms and increase time for police officers to respond to actual emergencies and other legitimate calls for service, the City of Hawthorne has passed alarm ordinance. Chapter 5.90 “BURGLARY, ROBERY AND FIRE ALARMS”.

 Studies have consistently shown that 98 percent of the alarms to which police respond are false. The major cause of false alarms is user error—usually either opening or closing errors—and improper maintenance. Each alarm response requires a minimum of two patrol officers and averages 15 minutes per officer, per alarm. This equates to thousands of hours of Hawthorne PD time diverted away from actual police work. These false alarms negatively influence the overall safety of the community, leaving officers with diminished time to respond to actual emergencies.

 Every residence or business operating an alarm system in Hawthorne must obtain a permit. Permits are valid from July 1st-June 30th and fees are as follows:


New Permit:

Permit Registration fee $56.00
Annual permit fee $69.00
Total …………………………..$125.00

Renewal Permit:

Renewal fee $38.00
Annual permit fee $69.00
Total …………………...$107.00



New Permit:

Renewal Permit:

The alarm ordinance encourages accountability and responsibility of alarm users by charging alarm owners for false alarms. No alarm user is perfect. To that end, two (2) false alarms during the July 1st – June 30th permit period are allowed without a penalty assessed. However, after two false alarms, a progressive fee will be assessed beginning at $70.00 for the 3rd false alarm and up to and through the 5th+ false alarm at $349.00. Alarm users may appeal false alarm fines;

Appeal guidelines can be found on the website under False Alarm Fees

The City of Hawthorne defines a false alarm as “an alarm signal activated through subscriber negligence or for reasons not of an emergency nature when activated due to malfunction of any segment of the alarm system and which necessitates response by the Hawthorne police or fire department were an emergency situation does not exist”.

  •  The Hawthorne Police Department - Alarm Unit website can be found by visiting following link - Alarm Permit Home Page

 The Hawthorne Police Department has partnered with Alarm Program Systems/CitySupport to help implement, manage and administer the new ordinance. For any questions related to the City of Hawthorne Alarm Program, please contact Alarm Program Systems/CitySupport.

 Contact Details:

Alarm Program Systems / CitySupport

Phone:                                  (424) 254-7520 / (888) 865-9770

Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PT

Mailing Address:                Hawthorne Police Department-Alarm Unit
                                             P.O. Box 3153
                                             Culver City, CA 90231